January 3rd, 2007

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My friend showed up a day late. I don't think that was her fault, she got on the first plane on the right day. I had trouble making it to meet her on time; I got her email message a couple of hours before she arrived, but it took me almost an hour to catch the bus.

My hotel had had tons of space most of the time I was there. It got full the day my friend, so we had to share a room the first night. The next day, we asked early if there was a room. We were told to wait until after breakfast. We stopped by mid-day to look for a room. They had several to choose from, so we selected one. They said that they needed to clean it. We said, “We'll just sit in my room until it's clean. Bring us the key afterwards.” 4 hours later, we went downstairs to ask for the key. We were told that the room had already been rented to someone else. I definitely asked several times to make sure my Portuguese was working at that instant. In the end, the other person never showed up, so the room really was free.

There was some pretty serious celebrating going on for New Years. We watched fireworks from the hotel balcony. There were fireworks shows in every direction. The next morning, a regatta celebrated in the bay.

We also got some normal Salvador tourism in. I finally made it down the elevator and we went to Pelorinho on a Tuesday. It sounds like there is a little Carnaval every Tuesday.

My friend brought me a book by Howard Zinn. He is the most unpatriotic, communistic American that I've ever encountered. I'm really enjoying reading it.