March 12th, 2007

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Money has been a theme in my life of late. I went to an nearby island called Alcântara (I've been told that it's not an island, but I don't have total faith), with 3 other people. The first night, two of the friends decided to change hotels. We had planned on only staying one night, but we got comfortable and decided to not go. We made a mistake; we should have checked our wallets before deciding. We didn't have enough money to pay for the hotel and neither of us could get money on the island. We ended up having to borrow money from the hotel to pay our fair back São Luis and then leave money for the hotel at the dock.

Alcântara is a nice place. It used to be a nice city, but that fell down. Now there is a small city built into the ruins. There has been almost no work done to protect the ruins, so if you want to walk on the marble-work that was above the church entrance, you walk on the marble-work that was above the church entrance. There are also a lot more beaches than people. And, far, far more mosquitoes. The last cool thing: I think Peace Corps was here for a while. They have a John Kennedy school.

My VISA ran out. I went to get it renewed. I wasn't exactly sure how much it cost and didn't have enough time to screw it up, so I went to the ATM and got out my week's money to go. I succeeded at getting it renewed, but I ended up coming back with no money. It wasn't that the VISA was so expensive, but more that all of my money fell out of my pocket on the bus. When I think about how happy the person who cleans the bus was, I feel a little better about this. A little.

I keep my money invested in the market while I'm traveling. Since the money trickles out (normally), it gives me a good opportunity to make more while I travel. At times, however, investing doesn't make money. The market went crunch recently. This makes me feel much poorer. It was a risk I accepted (and I'm still positive for having invested), but ick.

On the road it is easy to make shorter term friendships and that's a good opportunity to try out new stuff. I decided to be a little more flexible about who I let be my friend. I hadn't had anything stolen from me for years and years. Long enough that I had forgotten how it worked. One of my friends here stole from me. Contrast helps me see what I'm surrounded by. I've got it good.