March 21st, 2007

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Rio didn't last very long. I left for São Paulo the next morning. Both cities have some weird laws. In Rio, it is the law that you can't wash or hang up clothes in your hotel. In São Paulo, you can't use the internet unless you provide your name, address, telephone number, and CFP (Social Security number). I guess that fits my country decided to change all of the clocks and give only two years of notice. I didn't realize a law was passed until I noticed that the timezone difference between here and there had changed.

São Paulo reminds me of NYC. São Paulo, however, does not remind me of Rio at all. I think the way that I will explain this is that São Paulo is the part of New York where people work. Rio is the part where they live and play.

Did you know that São Paulo is not a tourist destination? I didn't. I'm staying in a hostel, so i get a chance to meet the few tourists that they have here. I get the impression that most of them also didn't know that São Paulo isn't a tourist destination and are surprised by it. At least most of them don't smoke.

I no longer have a camera. I took it to the service center. They asked me for my international warranty card. I said, “My what?” Getting my hands on that took several days. I only got an emailed, faxed version. I hope that it is enough for them to accept. If not, I'll be grumpy. I don't have much time left for the rest of this continent and I don't want to spend it waiting on a camera.

I wanted to take a picture here. The subway here is pretty good (if it happens to go where you want to). There are always stairs and escalators paired. Paulistanistas don't like stairs. They wait in very long lines in order to not have to walk up a flight of steps. Lazy apparently trumps hurry. It would have made a good picture.