March 26th, 2007

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For my last day in São Paulo. I got shown the good food. I tried an upper line churrasco. I hadn't eaten that well for a long time. You sit at a table and they bring you meet on sticks until you ask them to stop. There was also a wonderful salad bar. I got to try cow hump. It would make great Carolina style BBQ. The whole experience cost a little over $15.

Later that day, I said goodbye to the people I was visiting. It is amazing how you can only know someone for a little while and then really miss them when you say goodbye.

I arrived in Curitiba the next morning. I found a $7 hotel. Normally hotels in Brazil (especially the south) are pretty expensive. The people there were very friendly, but when I saw the room, I realized I was getting what I was paying for. The owners had accepted that termites were going to eat the entire hotel. I think the facilities were the worst at any hotel I had stayed at on this trip. I would have taken pictures.

Curitiba is famous for being well laid out, well run and really cultural. The downtown wasn't what they were talking about. The downtown was mostly just full of asphalt and cars. Getting out of downtown, I could understand. Wiki explains it, so I don't need to.

I went to the Oscar Knee Meyer museum. I was excited until I learned that it wasn't like George W. Bush so much as George Doubaliubush. It turns out that it's a big modern art museum designed by the same guy who designed Brasilia, Oscar Niemeyer. I had really wanted to see some hot dogs.