April 5th, 2007

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I don't have a tour book anymore. I thanked it for all of the good times. But, truth be told, I was upset about how many times it lied to me and I felt that, with the direction my life is going, we aren't a very good match anymore.

I tried to buy another travel guide in the airport. They mostly had brands I was unfamiliar with. For instance, Michelin makes a travel guide. I decided to not pick one up. The biggest reason I get a travel guide is to get recommendations on cheap hotels. The travel guides in the airport thought that cheap hotel meant less than €100 per night. If the cheapest hotel I could find cost €100 per night I think I would look for “creative” options.

I had a big surprise this morning. I don't have a plane ticket from Buenos Aires. I have a plane ticket from Montevideo. Oops.