April 7th, 2007

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I could have finished the plane ticket story before. It's not like I am ever up to date in updating my journal. But, good writers use suspense and if I hadn't broken it up it would have read, “I booked my flight from the wrong airport, but then I called and fixed it.”

I'll give some insight into how my mind works. I had known for a while that I was flying out of Buenos Aires, connecting someplace with the airport code EZE, and then arriving in Madrid. I learned the day of the flight that the airport code for Buenos Aires is EZE. Bad news. Some things are just easier here. All I did was call up and say where I was and they offered to fix everything for free. Sometimes it's nice not using American Airlines.

The surprises, however, continued. It's cold in Spain. When I looked in my mind for images of Spain, I definitely see men running around in very strange pants/tights in a hot desertlike place. I was surprised to find that it still reaches freezing. I also learned that it is Easter and that Easter is a really big holiday in Europe.

Being a really big holiday, tons of stuff is closed. One example would be the tourist information office. I had no tourbook, no map, and no help. I decided to guess where the cheap hotels would be. I guessed pretty well. That was about the time that I learned that, being a holiday, everyone was traveling and all the hotels were full. My stress level was gradually rising through this process. Then, it started raining. Then, it started thundering. Then, it started hailing. I managed to find a hostel with one bed for one night.