April 12th, 2007

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I almost wrote that I am glad that I don't live here. There are several things that irk me about the place.

I've dealt with more inconsiderate people here than on the whole rest of my trip. The range is from,
“Hi. Do you have maps?”
“What does that sign say?”
“That we have maps.”
“What are those books below the sign?”
“Maps. But we don't have maps.”
“May I see one of the books, please.”
“Sure. We have these, but they're not free.”

to pseudo Monty Python skit.

Find a hotel with a large glowing sign saying, roughly, “Vacancies”
“Hi. Do rooms cost €70 per night?”
“What are getting at?”
“I'm sorry?”
“What do you want?”
“I was hoping for a room.”
“There are no free rooms here.”
“Oh. Can you recommend someplace else to look?”

I also find that there is a right way to do things and the other ways of doing them are wrong. For instance, I went to a club. There were no chairs, but there was lots of empty space. I found a nice corner and sat down next to the wall. Security came to tell me this was unacceptable. I think the right way is more obvious for the rest of the world than it is for me.

Also, everything is closed on Sunday.

I didn't write that I'm glad I don't live here because I have met some really sweet folks as well. Maybe, if I lived here, it would be easy to avoid all the ninies and just keep the gems.

I only stayed in Madrid for a few days before I decided to try out Barcelona. The cities have very different flavor. Barcelona is seriously touristy, but there are a lot of draws for tourists here. I'd never heard of them, but that's OK.

Barcelona speaks Catalan as the first language. Many museums only have sign and explanations in Catalan.

So far, my favorite thing about Europe is how the place names here are names of characters in famous stories.