April 14th, 2007

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After arriving in Europe, it took me a pretty long time to get my feet on the ground. The culture here is more similar to the US than to Latin America, but I had adapted pretty well in my year there. Europe is nice that you don't have any passport controls between most countries in western Europe. However, that is causing me problems. The first is that I can't get stamps in my passport for each country. The second, I get 90 days here, but that is for 12 countries. The time won't renew for 6 months. That means that my time in Europe is tighter than I had realized and I will have to spend some time out of the area in order to not be illegal. At least England is still going to give me a stamp.

Barcelona is famous for an architect named Gaudi. I understand that he made a impression on English by inspiring the word gaudy. One can imagine what his work looks like. I was fond of the dragon building that had purple scales for the roof. I also liked the park that only lacked elves to belong in a Tolkien novel. I guess that Picasso was also from there. I ate lunch at the restaurant where Picasso did his first art show. The restaurant was amazingly mediocre.

I bought a new camera. There is a big photo vacuum in my trip, but I think we've hit the end. I decided to go cheap on camera instead of ultra-durable or hot pink or something else. I bought a Panasonic DMC-LS60 for just under $200. Having played with it a little, I think it takes better pictures than my last camera (although not underwater).