May 14th, 2007

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It's already started, but not going to get better anytime soon. When I'm with people, I don't write much. I usually spend all of my energy playing and the writing just doesn't make it out. I'll be visiting with people for most of the rest of my time in Europe, so things won't get better anytime soon. In addition, my computer hasn't weathered the travels as well as my body. My computer's warranty expires shortly, so I'm sending it in for a checkup before that. Not having a computer will further impede my efforts at writing. And, completely stop my picture posting.

My father, brother and I hopped a plane to Ireland and have been traveling around there. Ireland is neat, because it is so agricultural. The country is very green, very wet, and very friendly.

I surprised myself recently. I'm still questing for what I want to do with my life and I realized that a step of this quest is in Texas. I'll be moving there. I'm not exactly sure when or where, but it won't be in the so distant future.