June 7th, 2007

Water Lilies

I took the time of late to enjoy playing outside. The house with the daycare has a really wonderful shared backyard that runs off into a creek. I admit that the daycare kids aren't allowed to play here (see tick entry), but it does have a good barbeque setup. I hosted a BBQ for the family to thank them for housing me. It was the first time in my life that I'd barbequed using wood. Apparently, it was the first time for everyone else in the family, too. I got to demonstrate my prowess with setting things on fire. After the grill was ready, I cooked mushrooms, a couple of steaks, and then persuaded someone else to cook for the rest of the night.

Having a creek, the natural thing to do with a creek, is follow it. This quest had an ulterior motive, we were hoping to get aquatic plants for an aquarium. There are lakes on both ends of the creek here. One was big and had crayfish. The other was much smaller and had water lilies. Both were secluded. Somehow, I ended up being the person responsible for getting water lilies. The water was too high to just hike up my pants and wade out to get them. Fortunately, there were a few of rocks placed just right that I could walk out tiptoe and not get soaked. I had to use a stick to dig at the roots of the nearest water lilly(I apologize to all of it's neighbors for my rough conduct). Everything had seemed like such a good idea until I tried it. Digging on the short end of a long lever while balanced on your tiptoes make for hard balancing. I decided that it was time to back down, but then realized that I could not turn, or see the rock behind me that I need in order to walk back. I decided that that was a sign that I should finish what I started. After recovering a lilly, I used my stick/shovel as a cane to balance while I felt out the first rock. I'm assured that the water lilly is very happy in its new home.