July 4th, 2007

Bohemian Adventures

Since I was so successful in Berlin and had heard that Prague was really excellent, I decided to cut my stay short and go to Prague to apply for my Chinese visa. It only took a few hours on the bus to get there.

Prague is dripping with history. Everything in the main part of the city looks like it is several hundred years old, or from the communist era. That is probably why so many tourists are here. The downtown area isn't very large, but it stays packed with travelers.

I learned several things about Czech in my time there.

1.Bohemia is one of its states. I had always thought that Bohemia was a region in Paris.
2.Wencelas was a czech dude.
3.The song about Wencelas is actually a song about Nicholas and there's another song about Wencelas that I've never heard before.
4.The church made entirely from bones is not actually made entirely of bones. It's just decorated by them. I had always visualized something like a log cabin.

I also learned some things about customer service. The chinese consulate was only open for 9 hours a week. The sign saying this was only in Czech. The reason that I have a picture of the sign outside the Chinese embassy there is so that I could take it back to the internet and try to translate it and learn which 9 hours.

When I made it inside the Chinese consulate, I was brusquely told that I needed a ticket in order to get my visa. This prompted a quest for a train ticket from Kazhakstan to Urumqui. It also made my very curious. When I have gotten visas outside of the US, the rules never matched what was advertised inside the US. I decided that I would see if the rules also changed for my Chinese visa.

I didn't really like Czech. It was beautiful, but I don't care much about that. I decided that go to Munich and visit the Chinese embassy there.