August 8th, 2007

Flying is Easy

I know that I seem superhuman from a distance. That's because I Photoshop the blemishes out of my pictures. And, always tell stories that put me in a favorable light and squarely lay the blame on other people (it's not like I named a condom company Simplex).

An example. I recently had a virus problem. Someone else's computer caught a pdf virus. They were sending out thousands of emails using my domain as the return address on many of them. Most of the emails bounced. I was receiving lots of email. This prompted my ISP to block most incoming emails for a period of about 2 days. Note how my problems was caused by someone else. Even though I work so hard to seem perfect, sometimes it's important to do things to help people remember my humanity.

I showed up 3 hours early for my 3:00 pm flight from Cairo to Seoul. Shortly after arriving I was surprised to learn that my 3:00 pm flight left at 9:00 am. I always fly on the tickets that are “impossible” to change. One of my weaknesses is that I believe people when they tell me that a ticket can't be changed. That meant that I was walking around for some time thinking about how I had just given away $600 by not remembering the time of my flight correctly. Fortunately, no one else thinks that changing the tickets should ever be impossible. I ended up on the next flight for $30. Unfortunately, the next flight was 2 days away. Fortunately, that gave me a chance to go shopping.

I bought pants. In Bangladesh, the locals loved when the foreigners would go shopping. After the bootie would come back, the bargaining for each item would be discussed. The conversation would always go, “How much did you pay for this?”, say the price, “That is too much.” Apparently Egyptians are similar. But I guess I learned something in Peace Corps. I took my pants back and was asked how much I paid, I said, “$11 for these. $12 for these.” They then said, “You paid the right amount.” Go me!