August 15th, 2007

Arriving in Korea

My friend arranged a goshiwon for me in Korea. A goshiwon is like a long-term hotel. The rooms are typically small. My room is the smallest hotel room I've ever seen. If I lie on the bed, I can touch all four walls at the same time. There is a desk. It is built above the bed. Fortunately, I don't kick in my sleep. It has two big problems. One, there are no windows. I've given up on recovering from jetlag and simply sleep whenever my body tells me to. Two, it's hard to control the temperature. When I first arrived, the weather was hot. So was my room. All that said, the place is practical and very cheap.

I caught up with several old friends here. All of them are American. I haven't stayed in touch with any Koreans that stayed in Korea. One of my friends was having a wedding reception the week after I arrived. This gave me a chance to try to assemble a presentable outfit from all of the clothing I've been buying. I ended up still needing a belt, and bought that here. I realized, after getting dressed for the party, that my outfit had been assembled from clothes purchased on five separate continents. How cool am I.

The party had some embarrassing bits. I had my jazz guitar performance debut. There were two good jazz singers there. Somehow I let myself get talked into picking up a guitar and playing along with each of them. The guitar part went ok. I tried singing, too. That went less well. I think I sing adequately. But, mikes confuse me. Getting confused during a performance is bad.

Korea was the official end of my trip. As the travel adventures run out, so will the stories. I probably won't be writing as much in the near future.