September 12th, 2007

No More Asia

The official purpose of the trip to Hong Kong was to get a new visa to Korea. Korea's government is not very pro-American right now. We are one of few countries that doesn't get an automatic 90-day visa to Korea. We get 30-day visas. Fortunately, the C-3 is a 90-day visa that we can easily apply for. I did my research, and learned that Americans can apply for visas at the Korean embassy in Hong Kong. The first business day after I arrived in HK, I went to the embassy to start the application process. Unmentioned on the website, in Hong Kong Americans can apply for any type of visa except C-3's.

That was a pretty big blow. That meant my options for learning Korean were to return to the states, apply for the visa and then come back to Korea or stay in Korea for 90 days on 3 different 30-day visas counting on not getting in trouble with immigrations. Both options were several times more expensive than I had budgeted for. The time I had available to learn Korean, however, was tight. It was already a risky target language. With all this, the fact that I was burned out on travel, and the fact that I could get a flight to Vancouver from HK for $330, it became pretty clear that I should scrap Korea and go back stateside for a while. On Tuesday I got tickets that leave on Thursday.