October 13th, 2007

A Joao le Duele que a la Chica de Ipanema le no Guste él

From Mexico City, I did a bus marathon to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I left in the early afternoon and arrived the next afternoon. Surprisingly, I didn't feel like a big deal. I moved in with a host family the day I arrived and started Spanish school the next day.

Starting studies again really highlights what I don't do well. Immediately, I can't see how I will ever be able to speak Spanish, but I know what I was like before, so clearly something is happening.

Spanish class is pleasant. I do 2 private hours daily. I sometimes manage to sneak some humor in, like the class that was entirely based on the girl from Ipanema: A Joao le duele que a la chica de Ipanema le no guste él.

Unfortunately, the weather is sucking. We've had most of a week of hard rain. I just checked the forecast and it looks we have 10 more days of rain scheduled. My host sister's school was canceled because of it, flooding is becoming an issue, I understand that some bridges have collapsed., and that it is hard to get out of town. Plus, it's cold.

One of my friends from Bangladesh and Korea arrived here the day before I did. I guess if you meet enough travelers you don't have to coordinate your travels to have someone to travel with.

I also realized that Latin America is more inviting that Asia. That is why I had gotten so tired of traveling before; the Asians didn't really understand or want hard core travelers. They want people who plan their trips in advance and pay a bunch of fees. Latin America is happy to have visitors. Arriving in Mexico, I got a 180 day visa without have to say a word. Guatemala was almost as happy to have me.