ze6ke (ze6ke) wrote,

I think Brazil didn't want me to leave. I have reasons. I left Curitiba during my second day there. I wanted to take a bus to Montevideo. There is only one bus daily. The 24 hour bus ride starts at 5am. That's wack on both ends! I went to Florianopolis as a halfway point. Florianopolis is beach tourist town, but a little expensive. I had to stay there overnight, but the 16 hour bus ride from there started at 2pm the next day.

I've had gray weather for a while now. On more than one occasion I've gone to watch the sun set and if I'd filmed it, it would have looked the same on a black and white TV as on a color TV. My bus to Montevideo ran down the coast with mountains on one side. I guess that they had been saving up the sunsets, it lasted for more than 45 minutes with strong colors. It made me miss most of my movie.

My perceived Spanish ability has been all over the place recently. The more time I spent speaking Portuguese, the better I remembered my Spanish having been. A couple of weeks before leaving Brazil, my Spanish had been so good that if I had spent a few extra months in the Spanish speaking world, I would have written several pillars of Spanish literature. As the time for actually using Spanish came near, my Spanish got worse and worse. Shortly before getting of the bus, I recalled details like how I never learned whether I should use es or esta when I ask where the bathroom is.

So, I'm speaking Spanish now. All the fretting about whether I had forgotten everything or not was really uncalled for. The language in Uruguay is closer to Portuguese than to the Spanish I learned.
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