ze6ke (ze6ke) wrote,

Teleported to Real World

Last week, my biggest stress was figuring out what shoes to buy. This week, the stress level increased. It started when I went to learn how to certify my Spanish ability for B-school. I learned that I had missed the last opportunity to certify on this continent. Apparently planning ahead 11 months isn't enough. I got really upset by this and didn't understand why. Later, I realized that it was because this was a sign that I had to come back to the real world from my long vacation. It took several days to adjust.

One of the big tasks that I had been blowing off while on vacation was fixing my computer. I have the install disks for windows, so I threw away enough files that I could back everything up (15G of music gone), backed it up, and then stuck in the reinstall disks. Things were going well. Things went well all the way through the point where the install erased my hard drive. Unfortunately, the very next step failed. Apparently the install disk had a problem. Because it had a problem, so did I. After 6 attempts to install the OS, I got the process down to about 1.5 hours and can do it with equal ease in English and Spanish. Once I finally got a valid OS installed, I learned that I didn't have any drivers. That meant that, even though my computer “worked”, some things weren't at top notch. I didn't have sound, couldn't connect to the Internet, and if I let my computer sit for 5 minutes, the monitor stopped working. After one more day of wrestling, it seems to be in peak form.

Another thing is that I hadn't set a date for taking the GMAT. I'm hoping to take it right before Christmas. I'll start studying in earnest tomorrow.
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