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Arriaga felt like it was almost a tourist town. There is a lot of eco-tourism nearby, but all of it left me uninspired. Again, I was in a city that just didn't feel like it would make a good base for any length of time.

The hotel options were markedly different than in Tapachula. I ended up paying $15 for the night. There was a hotel for $6, but the idea of sitting on the beds there made me uncomfortable. I didn't want to even think about sleeping there. I don't remember the last hotel I saw that was too skeezy for me.

I was following the Pan-American highway, so I figured that it would be easy to find direct buses to any other location on the highway. I was mistaken. There were no convenient direct lines to Oaxaca, so I was going to have to spend an hour or two in a town called Juchitan.
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