ze6ke (ze6ke) wrote,


“Everybody get off right now! Hurry!”

The bus to Juchitan caught me off guard. At some intersection they stopped and made everyone get off the bus. I didn't really understand why or know where I was. After looking around a while, I learned that I was, at least, in the correct city. Being practical, I started with the most critical matter: lunch. After lunch I asked around and learned that the bus station was about two blocks away. Since I didn't have any plans for Juchitan, I went to get my ticket right away. That effort, however, was not as fruitful as I might have hoped. The station was locked down; no buses were being allowed to enter or leave. There had just been a kidnapping. It turned into a very police filled day. At least I got to watch an arrest to keep myself entertained while I was waiting for the station to reopen. After I had enjoyed the police entertainment for a while, the station re-opened and they let me buy a bus ticket for 11:30 PM.

Juchitan was a pleasant town for reasons beyond the police being fun to watch. After I getting my ticket and leaving the bus station, I was followed down the road by an AIDS day parade. After the parade, I decided to sit in a little park near the main drag. Right before the sun started to set, I got a concert from the local birds. It was a pleasant afternoon and evening. In the end, I boarded an 11:30 bus for a good night's sleep.
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