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I've been unhappy with the quality of my writing recently. I'm not a talented writer; for me, good writing takes work and all the stars being in alignment. The whole idea of ending my trip has really knocked my stars out of alignment. I realized that this end is something truly final. I've enjoyed traveling and I will likely never have a similar opportunity again. I will probably make it to Khazakstan and China someday, but those will be shorter, direct trips. Maybe I will hold a funeral service for my traveling self.

After Angangueo, I went to Morelia during the daytime to hunt for a guitarron (giant bass guitar used in Mariachi music). Shortly after arriving, I realized that I had lost my camera and that all of my awesome butterfly pictures were gone forever. The timing was pretty extraordinary; right before the end of my trip. This made me realize how well I'd done on my travels having only lost about four things on the whole trip. I gave away far more than I lost.

Everyone in Morelia directed me to a city called Paracho, the avocado and guitar capital of Mexico. I wanted a little time in Mexico for accepting my end so I tried to do Paracho as a day trip. I arrived in the early afternoon and spent a couple of hours walking around learning where stuff was and eating ice cream that was complicated enough that I had to ask for instructions. The whole city was shut down. I was worried that it was because we were on a big Mexican holiday (Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadelupe), but apparently it was just because lunch lasts until 4 in the afternoon. I found a fully outfitted guitarron for under $200 and learned that guitarron cases are both cumbersome and heavy.

On my way out of town, I stopped for dinner. I taught someone in the avocado capital of Mexico how to make an avocado smoothie, it was totally new to her. She was out of milk so she started by handing me a wad of pesos and asking me to go to the grocery and pick up some milk for her. In exchange, she fed me some quesadillas which thoroughly messed up my bus ride to Mexico city and the next several days.
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