ze6ke (ze6ke) wrote,

Sorry I Can't Travel Both

I'm hunting for jobs full-time. This activity certainly wouldn't make it onto my list of favorite pastimes. But, I admit that I have learned a lot every time I've done it. I think this is the first time that I was looking for a job where I was giving much consideration to how much I would like the work: Before I graduated, it was all about money. My first after-college job was to fulfill a curiosity. The second job was all about finding a good boss. Peace Corps was all about doing something international.

Deciding what I want to do with my career is far harder than finding a job. Before thinking about it really hard, I started pursuing development positions. My success was limited; probably because I was not using a developer resume, am not horribly experienced and wasn't committed to the effort. After poking at it for a while, I realized that I am basically qualified to become a DBA and that I would probably enjoy the position more.

Through the whole process, I was feeling an inordinate amount of stress, and hadn't identified the source. I figured out that part of the source was that I didn't feel like I would have any success landing the jobs that would help me get into business school. It was taking me a while to sort all of this out in my head. Shortly after putting it together, I realized that I'm better qualified as a project manager than as a DBA or developer and that PM jobs would help me get into business school. I hadn't included them on my initial rounds because I had wanted to be more technical.

That brings me to where I am now. I haven't persuaded myself to commit to a business track or a technical track, but now is the right time to make the choice. I initially went down the PM trail because I was tired of having bad PMs ruin my projects; when I was in charge, things went more smoothly than when I let someone else do it. Going into the future, I think that being technical would mean having an easy, pleasant life but risk getting bored in about 10 years. Going down the PM road would probably mean more stress, but would also open the door to more variety and ability to produce interesting results.

Do other people have this much trouble deciding what to do with themselves?

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