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The End of the World

I quit. I didn’t like the fact that I was working so hard that everything else was getting pushed from my life. I figured that a goal would be a good motivator to help me deal with the workload. My goal was to save enough money for France. At the point that I set the goal, I was already past it. I’m not sure if I’d ever accomplished a goal quite that quickly.

I decided to do grad school in France. At this point, the astute reader (I mean you), will ask him(/her)self, “When did Zeke learn French?” The answer to that question is “never”. I’m starting my post-graduate education by finding the cheapest French school in France and spending a tourist visa there. I’m in Nice studying for just under three months. After that, I get to fill in school applications from some other location.

Sadly, it took me about 6 hours to decide that I don’t like Nice. Not in an, “I’ve got to get out of here this second” sort of way. But, I’m sure that I shouldn’t ever try to make this home. As my body adjusts to the local time and I get more opportunities to explore, I think that I’m starting to better understand why. Big tourist spots always develop a scummy layer around the fringe. Nice is a Mecca for ultra-rich folks. That means that the caliber of scum is extra high. To illustrate my point, I’ve included an excerpt from the profile of my 6th best match on okcupid.

My Self-Summary
***!!!!!EMERGENCY!!!!!.... If any of my stalkers, haters, lovers whatever has any sort of connection to Michael Jackson tickets I would be forever grateful. If anyone would like to donate a pair (one for me and one not for you) I would cry tears of joy. Ticketmaster is down and the AMEX people are idiots. I don't have a black one (yet) so they really don't care about a peon like me. Donations would be greatly appreciated : ) Merci. PS preferably in July....

Damn, I didn't know I had to write an essay. I like to drink insane amounts of alcohol, party like a rockstar and add up the damages later. I like to wine and dine only to places with five stars endorcing the bottom of the menu.

When most people see me, they think I am a stripper.. I admit, the fake eyelashes and 22 inch beautiful blond extensions may fool the average $30,000 millionaire however, to the contrary, I am just that sexy. I wouldn't require your black american express if I was a stripper, asshole. Have you seen this badunkadunk?

I’ve got an itty-bitty furnished studio. It’s nice enough. I’m sure that I’ll start to find the nicest parts of the city as I spend more time here (I’ve definitely seen glints of promise). More on that to come.

My French class has 5 people in it and meets for 3 hours a day. I’m enjoying it. I’m augmenting my studies by learning the IPA. The IPA is basically my new favorite thing. I’ll probably talk more about that later, too.

So, I’ll quit focusing on myself and get back to the end of the world. I’m sure it’s happening—the weatherman told me. This is an undoctored photo from wunderground.com. I’m pretty sure that a temparture of -5573 degrees means that, not only is there no molecular motion in the air, the molecules feel extra lazy and won’t even start moving until they’ve been warmed up by an extra 5000 degrees or so. I’ll do my best to get any of my personal business done before Monday.

End Of The World
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