ze6ke (ze6ke) wrote,


I was already ready for the appointment, so I just had to wait till the time arrived. Sadly, many of the papers expire, so there was some work involved in re-preparing for the big day. Even more sadly, I overdid the waiting and missed the appointment; I had written the date wrong in my day planner and didn’t realize the mistake until two days after. Oops.

So I asked myself after making that discovery, "Now what?" I saw two options: go anyway or make a new appointment. As an optimist, I went anyway (it’s not like I didn’t have all of the papers freshly prepared). After an hour wait, the nice gentleman advised me to make a new appointment. It did however give me a chance to ask if I was going to get into trouble. To confirm that I was still golden all he did was confirm that I would be able to set an appointment.

I didn’t hesitate and found a cyber cafe in the neighborhood. I took the first available appointment, which was 10 weeks off. I imagine that the busy season is just starting, because the first delay was only 5 weeks. But, the fact that they have a 5 week delay even in the low season implies to me that they are a fair bit understaffed.
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